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Williams Fire, Angeles National Forest, CA 23 September 2002, 14:07 to 14:37 PDT

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Recent Fire Observations
Williams Fire
23 September 2002
Vallecito Fire
16 August 2012
Buck Fire
15 August 2012
Ramsey Fire
14 August 2012

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Surface temperatures as estimated from radiance measured at 11.9 micrometers wavelength in the thermal infrared by the PSW FireMapper system. A color scale is shown at lower right. Warmer tones (red, orange, yellow) represent recent and active combustion; surrounding landscape temperatures where measured are shown in tan shades. Large reaches of higher temperature behind a fire front are typically associated with heavy fuel loading.

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Concurrent Tanbark Flat Weather
Southern California Vegetation Age


>600 C

400 C

200 C

75 C

74 C

0 C

Color Key of
Surface Temperatures

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