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Pacific Southwest Research Station
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Lear 35 remote sensing aircraft in the smoke pall at Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso


Fire Science: US-Brazil International Cooperation
Monitoring the Health of Tropical Ecosystems

Baseline measurements of ecosystem productivity are being made within areas of tropical moist forest, the Cerrado (savanna) ecosystem, and tropical wetlands. Implications for managing carbon stocks and emissions and the impacts on them of degraded air quality and land use will be examined.

A pilot system for monitoring ecosystem productivity is employing tower-based micrometeorological instrumentation and techniques to examine net fluxes of carbon dioxide, water, and energy from the ecosystem. Future efforts will supplement these with more extensive airborne measurements of the fluxes and seasonal measurements of selected air pollutants. Airborne observations from U.S. and Brazilian aircraft will also be used to examine regional changes in productivity due to forest harvesting and ecological impacts of air pollution from burning.




A 10-meter tower (above) is being used by Dr. Antonio Miranda and his associates at the University of Brasília to estimate carbon, water, and energy flux to the atmosphere from the Cerrado ecosystem at the Aguas Emendadas Ecological Reserve (below). Flux estimates are made from high-frequency measurements of carbon dioxide concentration, water vapor, temperature, and the vertical velocity of the air.



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