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Pacific Southwest Research Station
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Lear 35 remote sensing aircraft in the smoke pall at Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso


Fire Science: US-Brazil International Cooperation
Technology to Monitor and Manage Natural Resources
Co-development and application of airborne and satellite-based remote sensing technology is providing tools for monitoring forest harvesting, forest health, fire properties, and the impacts of fire on the environment. The working group's experience with remote sensing is being applied to develop and demonstrate advanced cameras and infrared imaging systems to be deployed by IBAMA. This includes the use of a specialized, infra-red, imaging spectrometer designed to accommodate the high radiances associated with wildland fire and the development and application of advanced-technology thermal imagers (FireMapper™ ). Technology transfer and training have also involved integration and deployment of instrumentation on both medium- and high-altitude aircraft, and information management systems.


The Extended Dynamic Range Imaging Spectrometer developed as part of an Airborne Infrared Disaster Assessment System by NASA Ames Research Center and the Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station. This four-channel line scanner, shown here below its bay in a Lear 35 aircraft, was specifically designed to measure the high radiances associated with wildland fires.

Advanced fire management and operations training has been provided through personnel exchanges, short courses, and workshops. This has included the training of Brazilian fire personnel on U.S. Forest Service fire crews, and dissemination of knowledge in Brazil as the trained became the trainers.

US Forest Service and Brazilian fire personnel testing a foam-line for containment of a Cerrado prescribed fire.

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